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Lauren Carbis

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Life is an endless journey of self discovery. We all have a vision and belief of who we are, and where we want to be. It is time to unlock your life potential, establish your goals, and conquer your dreams.

Specializing in whole self discovery, Lifescape Image encourages people to break through challenging personal situations by focusing on communication and solution-based approach. The powerful experience allows one’s inner genius to generate superior authentic results.

Our personal image influences our appearance, communication skills, and self-awareness. Lifescape Image offers support to achieve a transformational experience to help look and feel your best. Tackle your insecurities, find your ambition and be enlightened to live your greatest life possible.

About Lauren Carbis

From a young age Lauren has had the ambition to stay motivated and use her determination to follow her passion of creating infinite opportunity in both her career and personal life. With her ability to network she has established an exceeding amount of relationships in all areas of different industries. Communicating with people has been a strong attribute that has given her the possibility to listen to the needs and wants of what people are after.

With an artistic background as a makeup artist, Lauren is honored to have represented prestige lines such as Giorgio Armani and Nars cosmetics. To further her experience she continued to embody her creative edge through freelance work and teaching at George Brown College. When working with clients, Lauren’s realization came evident that the message she was conveying was to enhance one’s true beauty, not change.

As she broadened her education and experience working for one of the top Marketing companies in Canada, Lauren was fortunate to collaborate with Fortune 500 companies acknowledging the importance of developing and implementing the true value of a brand. This knowledge has contributed significantly when working with her personal clients allowing them to receive their full potential of what they are after and how to be represented.

Fashion has always been an infatuation to Lauren’s life. As an Image Consultant, her inspiration grew when working with renowned Vancouver fashion designer Rozemerie Cuevas for the Jacqueline Conoir Collection. The impact of witnessing women finding their self-expression and confidence became extremely stimulating to know the value of image.

Exposing herself to the Toronto market, Lauren’s continued to cultivate her career working on the George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight show, as George's Stylist. Continuing to expand her vision, Lauren has embraced the power of Solution Focused Coaching to allow people to discover their full potential to strive in this dynamic world. Her mission is to motivate and share the importance of image, personal development and the true purpose of being.

Lauren Carbis
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