Big Confidence and Small Swimsuits

July 2nd, 2013 by Lauren Carbis


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It isn’t dependent on the latest style, trend, or accessories, what matters most is what shines from the inside. The most becoming trait on a woman is her confidence which comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you wear a size 2, or size 22, the way you carry yourself and allow your body to move will either add or detract from your overall presence

Do you make eye contact and smile confidently as you decidedly walk down to the pool, or do you fold your shoulders in as you watch everyone’s feet go by? Just those visual images alone will indicate the one deemed more appealing.

With bikini season upon us, the confidence factor rings true more now than ever. We’ve all seen the tiny figurine in a head-to-toe cover-up, wrapping herself in her own insecurity, juxtaposed with the portly grandma boldly dancing on the beach in her Brazilian-styled string bikini. What is the main difference here? It’s confidence.

Granted, there are tasteful styles that lend themselves better to one shape and size over the other. Class also comes in many shapes and sizes and there is a happy medium that can be found when shopping for your swimsuit. However, you must first be aware of your own personal shape.

Canadian Living  gives us a great run-down of 2013’s Top summer trends according to body shape:

  • For ladies who store some extra padding in the hip area, has a gorgeous skirted one-piece  to help camouflage the problem area so you confidently strut your stuff walking poolside.
  • For a boyish figure, enhance your curves with a bandeau styled bikini top and boy-cut bikini bottoms in bold colours.

If you would like more guidance on what types of styles are best for your body shape, I would love to help you tap into your best you! Check out some of my client Before/After pictures. Whether it’s through me, or a Confidence (Life & Style) Coach in your area, a professional Style Analysis will determine the best clothing styles, proportions, lengths, fabrics, and accessories tailored for your body type. You deserve to look your best, and it is my passion in life to help you do just that!