Envisioning Your Purpose

June 5th, 2013 by Lauren Carbis

 Envisioning Your Purpose

If you love yourself and feel you deserve to look your best, you take good care of yourself. Meaning you work out, eat right, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, get enough sleep, care for your skin and do all the other things that bring about radiant health and maximize your innate gifts.

When you are convinced you are average and feed yourself negative thoughts regarding success and personal achievements, do you really think you are going to spend money on stylish clothing or invest in getting your hair done regularly? Most likely not. The fact is you take care of yourself if you believe you’re worth it. The point some people miss is that even if they don’t feel like it, they truly are worth the effort it takes to shine!

If you often find yourself on the back side of good mood, it’s time to take a proactive approach and feed your brain with some good positive energy. Why bother? Because bad moods can harm your health. They can lead to chronic depression, headaches, backaches, muscle pain, poor sleep and possibly even decrease the effectiveness of your immune system and cause cardiovascular damage.

If you are more down than up, take heart. Thousands of women turn their lives around every year, and you can too. It starts with a positive vision of your future! Think about how you feel after seeing a bad car accident. Now imagine your state of mind while looking at the horizon over a sandy beach at sunset on your own private island getaway. That simple exercise shows the power you have to alter your mindset.

The images you put into your mind make a difference in how you feel, and how you think. Don’t leave those images up to chance. Take charge of what you allow into your mental storage banks, so you can have better control over the energy you send out to the world around you.

How do you take control of your input/output process? Promise yourself a break from the chores and To-Do list, and set some time aside this weekend to gather a few items for this project. You are going to create a vision board! To make it a social event, send this article to your best girlfriends, and have them gather their own items as well. Sharing your goals and dreams helps you plant them deeper in your mind, and the accountability of your friends will help you stay on track to reaching those goals.

The first things you need are some travel and fashion magazines. Pick up your favorite interior design catalogs and some luxury home real estate magazines. Don’t forget to print off a picture or get the brochure of your dream car as well. Gather some pictures of your family and friends, and people doing fun activities you love or have wanted to try. For anything you have ever dreamed about, find a way to get a picture of it. Then, get some good poster boards in your favorite colors, some tape, colorful markers and some sharp scissors. Now make your dreams come to life in cut-out pictures of everything you love!

Once you have your collage done, take a thin marker and in small font, write the date you would like to accomplish or achieve whatever that image represents. Then when you do accomplish it, put a checkmark next to that date, and write in the date you reached that goal.

To take your Vision Board a step further, first start by taking an introspective look to discover who you really are. To truly know yourself in this way, you need to identify your purpose in life, and know why you are here. It is important to note that your purpose isn’t an item to be bought or an opportunity to be seized. Your purpose springs up from inside of you, and directs you to achieve the unimaginable.

It is your purpose that leads you to true happiness. It is not the other way around. The true, lasting, internal happiness that everyone longs for takes work. As you fulfill your purpose in life utilizing your natural gifts and talents you were born with to help your family, friends, clients and peers, you will find that happiness comes to you quite supernaturally. This starts with a vision of your purpose, the answer to why you are here on this earth to begin with. And as you actively participate in fulfilling your purpose, you experience ultimate joy as a result.

To add deeper meaning to your vision board, cut out words that represent your purpose and the feelings you hope to have, and hope to invoke in others by serving them with your talents and gifts. Make those words a part of your Vision Board collage.

Once your vision board is done, place it in a prominent spot in your office or home. Intentionally schedule time each day to stand or sit in front of that collage, and focus on each image, envisioning yourself actively participating in whatever that image represents.

Do your dreams align with your purpose? Most likely, your dreams, and the items on your vision board will be the result of fulfilling of your purpose. You are worth the joy you seek, and you deserve a purpose-filled life. Remember, finding your life’s purpose is not a destination; it’s a way of living your life.

Live with purpose – live your dreams!