Seven Ways to Transform your Life at Home or at the Office

April 11th, 2013 by Lauren Carbis

Seven Ways to Transform your Life at Home or at the Office

If you drive to work, you know there are days when the Law of Traffic Lights works with you, and days when they definitely work against you. The same is true for Law of Personal Style – from the moment you wake up, you feel you have really tapped into the energy of the universe, and other days when you feel you have surely tapped into the wrong end.

What if you could intentionally orchestrate your life to work within the various laws that operate within our world, so you could experience more days full of positive energy and joy regardless of what is going on around you? It just might be possible if you’re willing to make small shifts in what you allow yourself to think and do!

Just as we can’t see the most important and valuable elements of life – like love, acceptance, respect, connection, empathy and gratitude – we can see the results of such elements as they are exchanged between us and others that share our space.

The same is true for these Seven Universal Laws, discovered by Hermes Trismegistus, known as the father of alchemy, astrology and psychology. Although his theory of these laws was developed 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, we can still see the effects of them not only in our lives every day, but also in the world around us.

These laws have no prejudice or bias, treating everyone as equals. Each law exists to help us enhance our lives through subtle, orderly changes that will allow us to live in harmony with the other inhabitants of our space both in our career environment, our social and our personal world.

To experience more internal peace at the office or at home, take some time to consider how these Seven Universal Laws are evident in the world around you.

  1. The Law of Vibration:  This is simply the law of energy. Physicians and psychologists use the various energy within our brains to detect physical ailments, just as counselors and therapists use the energy of our emotions to detect toxic environments and give advice on how to change that energy into a more positive, life-giving atmosphere in which to live.

    Every thought, movement, action and word has with it, its own energy. You have more control over your environment than you think, and with the law of vibration, you have the power to either make the world around you a thriving, positive environment, or one that sucks the energy out creating a negative living space.

  2. The Law of Oneness: There is one entity, a supreme being or higher power that inhabits the universe, uniting everyone in heart, mind and soul. Some cultures refer to this entity as Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and God. Strength is given through this entity to each person who calls on its power asking for guidance and change. Ask, and you will receive.
  3. The Law of Correspondence:  This law is the act of understanding that your thoughts, words and deeds affect your physical, mental and spiritual state of being, as well as that of those around you. You must be intentional, and by so doing, you truly can change everything around you.
  4. The Law of Polarity: Our physical, mental and spiritual state of being (or planes of consciousness) each has an extreme positive pole as well as an extreme negative pole. Just as coins have two sides, so do our physical, mental and spiritual states. If we find ourselves on a negative slope, we have the ability to identify that negativity and move ourselves up the pole to a more positive side of the plane by simply changing our thoughts and seeking a more positive pattern regarding the person, place or circumstance that was bringing that negativity into our life.
  5. The Law of Rhythm:  Lights that turn red, eventually turn green again. The tides go out, and come back in. The pendulum swings left, then returns and swings right. The sun rises, and sets. Leaves fall, yet the tree does not panic, for it knows next season, it will grow more. This is all part of the natural rhythm of life. If we experience despair, we can actively make our pendulum swing back towards happiness by controlling our thoughts and emotions – working with the rhythms of life, instead of falling victim to them.
  6. The Law of Gender:  Masculine and feminine energies are present in all people, which is also sometimes referred to as our yin and yang. This is manifested different ways in different people. Some people gravitate more toward masculine energies and have a more take-charge, decisive way of maneuvering through life. Others will lean more towards a nurturing way of life, tapping into more empathy and care regarding others.
  7. The Law of Cause and Effect: Just as in some of the basic law of physics for inanimate objects (every action has an equal and opposite reaction), the Law of Cause and Effect plays out with everything in our lives as well. If we consistently initiate and add negative energy to our space, we will find that even more negative energy bounces back into our lives from other sources. The same is true for positive energy – we have the power to initiate more positive energy flowing into our lives simply by what we project.

“There is only one person responsible for the quality of the life you live.
That person is you.” – Jack Canfield

As you begin to assimilate and internalize these Universal Laws, you will experience a less stressful time not only at the office, but also in all areas of your life.